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When you come to Myers Diesel Repair for your diesel truck and RV repair needs in Bakersfield  you’ll find a courteous, dependable staff eager to help with top-quality new and used truck parts, rebuilding service and more!

We are emissions experts–all makes, all models, DPF installation and cleaning. We offer a wide range of services all of which are done on-site to include: PM Services, BIT and DOT Inspections, Mobile Fleet Servicing and Onsite Repair, Bee Line Laser Alignments, Agricultural Equipment Repair and Services, Construction Equipment Repair and Servicing.

We also offer factory software analysis, available in (Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Paccar, Ford, Meritor-Wabco, International, Perkins & more!).

Shafter Diesel Mechanic, Shafter Diesel Repair Shop

Lube Services (In-House Or Mobile)

We offer both in-house and mobile lube services. You can contact us and we will show up in a jiffy and get you the best lube service. You can also enjoy the in-house lube service we provide by visiting our location. We guarantee you the very best of chassis lubrication and other lube services.

Mobile Regen

No need to worry on how to empty your diesel particulate filter, and it really doesn’t matter where you are once the job needs to be done. We will swing into action once you contact us. We will send road service to your location to perform a regen on your truck. Keeping the environment healthy is the right choice for everyone, and our mobile regen service makes that a vital contribution.

Suspension Work

We value the need for your truck to fully maximize the friction between the road surface and the tires, as that is the essence of a good suspension system. So trust us to handle any suspension work in Bakersfield that will make you feel comfortable in your truck without unnecessary vibrations.

Trailer Repair

Are you thinking of purchasing a new trailer? Instead, we can repair your trailer. Our trailer repair in Bakersfield may involve fabrication and welding, and our company can perfectly handle the task and get your trailer fully back to business. We work on them all, flatbeds, car haulers, tankers, dry vans, and many more.

Fifth Wheels And Motorhome Repair

If you have a recreational vehicle such as a fifth wheel, motor home or travel trailer, you’ve just found the right place to visit when you have something to work on. We know that such vehicles require the services of a specialist, so we have the right hands to put your vehicle in shape and get everything working perfectly and get you back on the road. Come to Myers Diesel for your fifth wheel and motorhome repairs in Bakersfield.

Transmission Repair

It doesn’t matter which type of transmission you are working with, we can fix your transmission system without prolonged delay to your working operations. We also stock different parts of a transmission system that will make the entire process hassle-free and efficient. Trust our transmission repair in Bakersfield.

Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are vital for trucks especially when long distances are covered. Temperatures can soar, and hill climbs can overheat your truck. Let us thoroughly inspect your cooling components (radiator, thermostats, hoses, coolant level, etc.) We will fix your cooling system and ensure that you have nothing to worry about regarding the temperature of your truck.

Brake Repair

Our trained specialists are there for you, we know the importance of having your brakes fixed by an expert. We won’t gamble when it comes to the need for you to have good working brakes, as that is vital in keeping you safe, and we have a high commitment to your safety. Bring your trucks to Myers Diesel Repair for all of brake repair in Bakersfield.

Clutch Work

You can get your clutch work done by a company that understands the importance of having the clutch operative. From adjustments to rebuilds and complete replacement, our service is superb when it comes to clutch work. You can get it properly fixed so you will have peace of mind.


The differential is the axle that provides power to the unit and moves it forward. Sometimes a truck will “get stuck”. Should that happen to you, we are here to provide the fastest and most complete service to get you going

ECM Repair

The electronic control module (ECM) of your truck plays a major role in the performance of your truck. As all major truck functions are controlled by the ECM. But when an ECM is faulty, it becomes difficult to drive a truck in extreme cases. We can take care of any challenge with your ECM starting from the point where you get a check engine light or any other code on your dash.

Electrical Repair

Our electrical technicians can get to work with any electrical systems required for your truck. We understand the delicate nature of dealing with electrical components, so it is important for you to get in contact with us before attempting repairs yourself with electrical components because we know how best to fix any electrical problem. Bring your trucks to Myers Diesel for all of your electrical systems repairs in Bakersfield.

Engine Work And Overhauls

We can handle a total overhaul of your engine and that is because we are familiar with various truck engines such as Cat, Cummins, Detroit, and Mack/Volvo. We can get the job done with our experienced team. More so, if you need minor or major work on your engine, we can handle the task and get your engine running. Bring your truck to Myers Diesel Repair for all of your engine work and overhaul needs in Bakersfield.

Fifth Wheels

We all know that fifth wheels come in different makes and models (Holland, Fontaine, etc.), which means trucks equipped with fifth wheels need to work with a company that knows how to match the right model with the specified mechanical parts. The services that we provide enables us to get your fifth wheel working at optimal condition. Bring all of your fifth wheels to Myers Diesel Repair to take care of all of your fifth wheel repairs in Bakersfield ca.

Air Conditioning Repair

Servicing of your air conditioning system for a truck is critical for proper operation. It must be serviced every year instead of waiting for a breakdown to occur. Whether your A/C system needs to be serviced or repaired, we have A/C compressors, condensers, and Robinair machines to handle any challenge you may encounter that deals with air conditioning. Feel free to contact us to have your air conditioning system working properly. Bring your trucks to Myers Diesel for all your air conditioning repairs in Bakersfield.

BG Inject-A Flush

When faced with the need to clean fuel injection systems and get the job done without removing injectors, we can help you handle the task by using BG Inject A flush. Our procedure of handling the task ensures that all fuel residues and accumulated gums are flushed out of the system, leaving your truck in a sound state.

Bee Line Computerized Laser Alignments

Lasers are more accurate than infrared or manual sensors. This led us to our choice of the Bee Line computerized laser alignment machine. Which, with exact precision, will align your truck and trailer.

Air Systems

The major challenges faced by air systems usually involve the dryer, governor and the compressor, which we are definitely knowledgeable about. Notwithstanding, we provide repair services to every part of an air system and ensure that the systems are working perfectly without any challenge.


This service is very vital for individuals and businesses that understand the value of safety. Our company provides BIT and DOT inspections of trucks and trailers in Bakersfield to meet the required standards of the CA and Federal regulations. You can also get in touch with us if you need custom inspection plans for your trucks.

Body Work

Our body work consists of replacing bottom rails on trailers, outer skin repair, broken door hinges and seals, to DOT bumper repair or replacement. Trailer flooring is one of our specialties. Frame straightening and fender replacement are other areas of body work provided by our skilled technicians.

Shafter Diesel Mechanic, Shafter Diesel Repair Shop

On Site Service

All work is done in-house by certified and professional diesel mechanics on site!

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