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Here at Myers Diesel Repair, we believe in providing a level of customer service that cannot be matched by other businesses. Our enthusiasm tells it all.

Our friendly service representatives will make sure that you get prompt, reliable service and answers to your needs. We believe that honesty is the key to a successful business policy and everything we do from the moment you walk in will be reflective of this integrity.

We stock all of the truck parts in Bakersfield that you need here at our shop. Parts for Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner, International, Volvo and more! ​We stock a variety of trailer parts and all your other equipment parts needs!


Dayco products can instantly be gotten from our company in order to get your truck running and back to business without delay. Since Dayco is an industry leader in drive systems and engine components, you can get different high-quality Dayco products from us. Our Dayco products will definitely provide good performance when used for your truck.


It is possible to be in need of a new hose that requires a custom design, which we can perfectly handle. Our custom made hoses takes care of any leaking line and ensures that all fittings are air or watertight as you so desire. The different assemblies that we manufacture are braided hose, fuel injections systems, air conditioning and other unique hoses you may require for your truck. Take advantage of our truck repair Bakersfield.


It is important not to worry about the failure of a fitting while engaged in serious business. We have a huge collection of fittings that will keep you safe from unnecessary breakdown. So if you need cages, reducers, groove fittings and other custom made fittings, then you can get in touch with us and the right fitting will be given to you.


Nuts, bolts, and washers can be tricky to work with, especially when dealing with the moving parts of a truck. But you have no need to worry as we utilize our industry experience in delivering the right bolt, nut, and washer for every area that needs to be fastened. We know the importance of using the right bolt and nut for a truck and any heavy-duty equipment.


Truck wheels of different brands and finishing can be purchased from us. We provide a selection of wheels that are of high quality. The finishing available for the wheels we have includes: tinted black, silver, matte black, chrome, bronze, gloss black, and several other designs to suit your taste.


We all know the need to keep your truck in optimal performance by using Luber-Finer and Donaldson filters. So we provide these range of products and ensure that your truck is free from oil contaminants. The good quality of our chosen product will provide efficient filtration and reduce system failure. Thereby enabling you to spend less for better output.


There are different drums available in the market, but you need a drum that works with less power consumption and can provide superior performance. Therefore, choosing the varieties of drums that we have will position you towards getting the right drum for your truck. We can also advise you on drums with ease of installation or increased efficiency.


Some accessories can make your truck stand out from the rest by having a nice appearance. If you need minimizer fenders, brackets, mud flaps and other accessories for your truck, then you are definitely at the right place by choosing our service. You can also get custom made mud flaps for your truck and give your truck an appealing look.


We warehouse a variety of bushings and torque rods, to ensure that your suspension components have the perfect match. More so, we handle the installation for you by utilizing our competent team to get the work done while you relax and get back to business once the work is complete.


Meritor is a renowned player in the supply of suspension and brake solutions. So we have Meritor products that can handle your needs of perfect suspension solutions and ensure that your truck is in the best working condition. You can contact us and immediately get a response when in need of Meritor products.


The best hanger and shackle kits are known to possess good tensile strength and durability, alongside better resistance to corrosion. We provide hanger and shackle kits that meet our taste of quality. Our priority is to deliver quality products to our clients, so you can count on us to provide you with original hanger and shackle kits.


Yes, we won’t leave you helpless when it’s time to reduce excess engine vibration under your truck. You can get a new motor mount from us and say bye to unnecessary noise and vibration. Also, once you notice an unusual noise in your truck, you can contact us and we will inspect your truck to determine if an overhaul of your motor mount is required.


If you want to shape up the sound in your truck and make the best use of your sound system, then an equalizer is the solution. You can get en equalizer from our range of available devices and be capable of carrying out tone adjustment that is not possible using standard bass, midrange and treble controls. Contact us and quickly fix an equalizer in your truck.


Leaf springs play a huge role in truck balancing and you definitely need one that won’t be a source of worry to you, so why not take advantage of the industry experience we have in providing you with the right leaf spring that is best for you. We can provide both full elliptical and elliptical leaf springs, according to your peculiar need.


Sway bar bushings play a vital role in ensuring that your truck does not roll, so it is a device that needs to be in good working condition always. Therefore, if you have any cause of concern with your sway bar bushings as a result of some squeaking noise or a sluggish movement, then you need to contact us immediately and get your sway bar bushings fixed.


We have everything figured out when it comes to providing the right tires for you. If you want all-season tires, mud-terrain tires or all-terrain tires, you have no need to worry because we have several options to place your truck in optimal performance. Also, we only work with tire manufacturers that are renowned for quality.


You can easily put an end to truck starting trouble when you get a starter from us. The starters we have will save you from the embarrassment of trying to start your truck multiple times without any headway. More so, you have no cause to worry about the starter installation, because we will do the dirty work for you, while you get your truck working immediately.


It is easy to fall prey to several substandard batteries available in the market. That is why you need the service of a professional company in providing quality battery for your truck. The batteries you get from us are reliable and durable, which means you can enjoy a battery that can serve you for a long time without disappointing you when you need it most.


Wheel seals can determine the spin rate of a truck wheel, so investing in the right seal will be of great value to your truck and your business. Our company will provide you with the right wheel seal for your truck and also ensure that the installation of your wheel seal is perfectly taken care of. Our wheel seals have longer life-span and are very tough.


Search no more for reliable alternators. The need for sound alternators cannot be overemphasized. Having a sound battery and a substandard alternator will be counterproductive, that is why we make careful selections of the alternators we provide for our clients because we value the progress of their daily engagement.


We know the importance of having an effective braking system and we understand some of the characteristics you watch out for when in need of a brake. Characteristics such as durability, weight, noise, smoothness and several other features are well considered by us when choosing the products that we work with. So you can count on our industry experience in providing the right brakes for you.


We have governors for trucks to keep your truck running on a desired speed. We can also provide recommendations for the governor that is best suited for your truck. If you need either a mechanical or hydraulic governor, you can get in touch with us and your needs will be assessed to provide you with the right governor for your truck.


If you need air conditioning parts for your truck, we can provide that and also install necessary parts to make you enjoy the best of a functioning air conditioning system. The A/C parts that we work with are well tested to be of superior quality and are backed by the warranty provided by the manufacturers we work. You can get in touch to get the right A/C part for your truck and also get you’re A/C installations done.

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