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Does your trailer need repairing? Are you planning to buy a new trailer? If so, be sure to contact the experts at Myers Diesel Repair to get the best prices locally. We are the one-stop-shop for all your trailer repair needs in Bakersfield and Kern County.

We specialize in repairing all trailer types and models, including flatbeds, tankers, car haulers, dray vans and more. We can get your trailer back to working fast. Whether you want to avail structural repair services or cosmetic repair services, we’ve got you covered.

We are proud to offer all-inclusive trailer repair services at a very reasonable price. We have been serving Bakersfield and its nearby areas for a very long time, and are fully equipped to repair your trailer with the greatest efficiency and quick turnaround. Contact us now to schedule your trailer repair!

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Keep your trailer in the best shape with our regular preventative maintenance services. We provide trailer repair and maintenance services for both new and used trailers of all makes. We are ranked among the most reputed trailer repair companies in Bakersfield and its surrounding areas. Our services include:

Custom welding and fabrication


Certified enhance inspection


Fender repair & replacement


Wheel bearing replacement


Aluminum skin repair


Tire Replacement


Electrical wiring & lighting issues


Roof leaks


Cap replacement


Interior flooring repair


Brake adjustments


Tongue jack repairs


Interior walls repair


Stone guard replacement


Leaf spring repair and replacement


Spring-assist repair and replacement

Types of Trailers We Repair

Flatbed Trailers

They are one of the most common trailer types. What sets flatbed trailers apart from the rest is that they offer more versatility, and can be used for everything from lumber to steel coils. They usually come with a maximum 48,000-pound weight limit and their length can range between 48ft and 53ft. The average height is usually 60-inches off the ground, and the maximum width is 8.5 feet for legal operation.

In the flatbed trailers, there is no containing box that covers the load being shipped. So they can easily be unloaded from the top using a crane, or even by the sides. Our Trailer Repair Bakersfield experts are fully equipped to repair flatbed trailers with the greatest professionalism. We’re always ready to help you.

Extendable Flatbed Trailers

As their name suggests, extendable flatbed trailers are flatbeds that you can extend from 43ft average to 80ft long. Since they are designed to support long loads, you don’t need to worry about the cargo hanging off the edging of the trailer.

The weight limit for these trailers is 43,000-pound and the rest of the legal specs remain the same as for a normal flatbed. If you’re struggling with your extendable flatbed trailers, be sure to contact our Trailer Repair Bakersfield team to avail our top-of-the-line trailer repair services.

Car Haulers

Also known as a car carrier trailer or auto transport trailer, car haulers are a type of semi-trailer or trailer designed to effectively transport passenger vehicles through the truck. Modern car haulers can be enclosed or open, and they have built-in ramps to render loading and off-loading a lot easier. They also feature powerful hydraulics to lower or raise ramps for standalone accessibility.

Commercial car haulers are widely used to ship new vehicles from the auto manufactures to auto dealerships. An average car hauler has space for around 6 to 9 cars, depending on the trailer model and car size.

If you’re looking for a trailer repair shop for your malfunctioned car hauler, look no further than Myers Diesel Repair to get it fixed with quick turnaround at an affordable price.

Dry Vans

Also known as enclosed trailers, dry vans are one of the most common types used for shipping freight on the interstate. They are weatherproof and comprise a flatbed with a box around it. They are used when keeping the cargo dry.

Often grocery retailers use these trailers to ship their goods such as electronics, food and clothes. They are normally unloaded with a pallet jack or a forklift. All the cargo material is stacked on pallets. When it comes to the weight capacity, an average dry van can withstand a weight of up to 42,000 pounds.

There’re also some dry vans that come with a weight limit of 45,000 pounds. They are normally unloaded from the rear side, however, there’re models that can be unloaded from either side. They are 8 feet and 6-inch in width, and 9 feet in height, and their length ranges between 48 feet and 53 feet.

Our experts at Myers Diesel Repair specialize in repairing dry vans of all makes and sizes with utmost professionalism and accuracy. You can count on us for all your trailer repair needs in Bakersfield and its adjoining areas. We are just a call away and more than ready to assist you. Contact us now!

Lowboy Trailers

This trailer type is always considered the best choice when it comes to hauling long and heavy cargo. They are commonly used for heavy-duty construction equipment and can haul anywhere between 40,000 pounds and 80,000, depending on the number of axles.

They may require special permits to legally operate in your area. Their maximum length can range between 29.6 feet and 24 feet, depending on the municipality. They are 18-inch to 25-inch in height and 8.5 feet in width. If you’re carrying an oversized cargo, you will need to get additional permits. You can haul cargo with 12 feet to 14 feet in height.

Refrigerated Trailers

These trailers are primarily dry vans with a refrigerating system to keep the enclosed cargo fresh. They are largely used for temperature-sensitive cargo such as frozen foods and pharmaceuticals. Their maximum weight capacity is the same as for dry vans. They are 8 feet in height and 8.2 feet in width.

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