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If you need truck repair in Bakersfield, Myers Diesel is here to help. We know how tragic it could be when your truck stalls when you need it most. Your clients keep calling and nagging, you lose the client trust and get an awful review from the client, your company started getting negative reviews due to breaking down of your truck, getting a new vehicle will cost a lot.

Myers Diesel is one of the best truck repair companies in Bakersfield California. In this blog post, we will discuss all that you need to know about the maintenance of diesel truck and the cooling system of trucks.

What You Need To Know About Diesel Truck Repair And Maintenance

So, you just purchased a new diesel truck, or you have one. The diesel truck maintenance is always overwhelming, but once you flow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, then you are on the right track.

Due to the increased horsepower, emissions standards, the technology required to keep diesel truck running optimally, and torque, today’s diesel is more complicated than ever, and the maintenance required has increased and is very important.

Regular filters of the fluid and maintenance may seem costly, but you will realize it is better when you keep with the routine, it saves you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. You can always find the maintenance schedules of your distal in you Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.

Our service advisors at Myers Diesel Repair in Bakersfield CA can draft maintenance schedules specific to your diesel, and help you draw out a budget for these maintenance services. It is advisable to change the oil in your truck every 3500 miles or every 200 hours of operation.

Do not overlook the changing of the oil just because it holds more fat does not mean it can longer. Try reading the fine print in your car owner’s manual; you will see that the 7,500-mile oil change interval is for truck driven under “Normal or Ideal conditions.”

In high-temperature conditions, stop-and-go driving, driving in dusty conditions, and frequent short trips. It is recommended for drivers to change the oil every 3,000 miles or six months. Fresh oil is perfect for the seals because it helps keep them soft and pliable and doing what they are intended to do.

When the oil in the truck is becoming too old and you did not change it, it will become abrasive and can damage moving parts inside the engine. You know changing of a diesel engine can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, so it is a wise choice to change your oil and oil filter on time, by an experienced technician.

Another primary service that needs attention in your truck is changing the fuel filters the diesel fuel that is sent to the injectors must be clean and must not be contaminated with water. This is because when the pressure of the nozzle is above 36,000 PSI any contaminants or water in the fuel can act as a cutting tool and destroy the nose by widening the tip.

Changing fuel filters can also save you a lot of money and labor. The impact of changing the oil regularly is a very crucial one in every diesel truck. I am lastly changing if oil can also have a significant effect on the life of the injectors.

What You Need To Know About Your Truck Cooling System

All heavy-duty trucks come with a high-performance cooling system component built for hard work and long service life.

The cooling system of every truck has a significant role to play ranging from helping your engine run smoothly with excellent fuel efficiency, controlling engine temperature, and keeping you comfortable in the cab.

No matter how good your radiator is, because it is in the front, it can get damaged by long hours on the job. Only a trained eye of a professional technician can see potential trouble spots before a blown radiator strands you on the side of the road.

You can always bring your truck to Myers Diesel Repair in Bakersfield to check your vehicle to avoid breakdown. The CAC (charge air cooler) is a critical cooling system component that must be checked regularly, especially if yours is more than two years old.

The work of the CAC is to ensure that the compressed air coming from the turbocharger is cooled enough because it goes into the engine.

A leaking CAC can cause the following:

  • Lower fuel mileage and engine power.
  • High soot levels in the oil.
  • More frequent DPF regenerations.
  • Expensive repairs like turbocharger failures.

A leak test by a Myers Diesel Repair tech is the best way to tell if your CAC is doing the job if it needs to be replaced. We are sure you don’t want to encounter any unscheduled downtime, so make an appointment for a complete cooling system with Myers Diesel Repair today.


Anytime you are doing routine maintenance, there are many considerations so it is advisable to have experienced diesel technician you can talk to, and Myers Diesel Repair Bakersfield is always available for your truck service. Do not forget staying up to date on your diesel truck maintenance is imperative!