How To Improve Your Truck’s Suspension

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Suspension is the arrangement of springs, shock absorbers, tires and linkages that joins a vehicle or truck to its wheels. It’s responsible for making your truck ride smoother.

So if you want to improve your truck ride, it’s important that your truck suspension system works perfectly and accurately. All the vehicles, including trucks, come preloaded with suspension systems to offer comfort for both passenger and driver.

It helps keep trucks stable throughout the bouncy rides and rough terrain of any route. Even if the road is smooth and paved, your truck ride can be affected by dips, slops, and curves along the way. Things can get worse when you’ve to drive up dangerous slops and make sharp turns.

So, it’s crucial to pay special attention to your truck’s suspension system to ensure smooth truck rides. The following tips can definitely go a long way toward improving your truck’s suspension:

  • Consider changing the tires and wheels
  • Lower the unsprung weight
  • Reduce the vibrations
  • Beef up the suspension system
  • Modify the chassis
  • Replace leaf springs

All of these tips are sure to help you make your truck rides smoother and comfortable. The improved comfort level is one of the key advantages you get by improving the suspension system.

Improved suspension system not only makes your ride smoother, but also ensures your truck’s longevity. If you’re looking for a Truck Suspension Repair in Bakersfield CA, be sure to contact the experts at Myers Diesel to avail the best truck repair services.

Consider Changing The Tires And Wheels On Your Truck

If it’s been a very long time since you last changed your tires and wheels, it’s time to do it again. However, there’re some things you should keep in your mind when buying tires for your truck. The use of low profile tires can undermine your truck rides, as they are stiffer than normal tires and have lower aspect ratio. They are not good at absorbing the turbulence of a typical terrain, and therefore they can’t provide you with your desired results.

The big rims that come with such tires can also be problematic for large vehicles. For novices, big rims can make the lower portion of your truck a lot heavier, badly affecting your truck ride.

Wheels falling under high-weight category are not supposed to be a good choice for trucks, thanks to their inflated unsprung weight. Always look for wheels that are narrow and lightweight.

Ideally, your tire measurements shouldn’t exceed 7-inch in width and 18-inch in diameter.

In order to have the best riding experience, you should opt for tires that are tall and thin, and have 60+ aspect ratio.  When filling tires, always go 3 to 5 psi below the suggested inflation pressure.

It will really help make the tires more cushiony and softer. Always remember the right tires and moderate air pressure can provide you with the best suspension needed for a smooth ride.

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Lower Unsprung Weight

Your truck can’t perform well with a malfunctioned suspension system. Reducing unsprung weight is one of the key things that can really help improve your truck ride.

In order to reduce the unsprung mass of your vehicle, you’ll need to lessen the combined weight of your truck’s underside components. When there’s less weight to the wheels, tires, suspension parts and hubcaps, the suspension can easily endure the impacts of bumpy terrain.

Fundamentally, the suspension system and wheels need to be relatively lightweight in proportion to your truck’s overall weight.

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Reduce The Vibrations

Inspect all the underside parts of your truck to check whether it needs repairing or replacing. To keep the chassis from the effect of vibrations along a bumpy road, you should use new body bushings.

Double-stacking the rubber rings on coil springs is another way to prevent the impact of vibrations. To keep the rubber from producing noise, consider coating the rubber rings with grease before fixing them in their place.

If you don’t want to use a dual layer of rings, make sure the preinstalled rubber rings are in good form. If not, replace them with the new ones.

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Beef Up The Suspension System

That’s one of the most common things truck drivers use to make their rides smoother. Suspension softening is usually comprised of two steps; replacing the shock absorbers with a lighter set, and using softer, lower-rated leaf springs.

Look for shocks that are designed with comfort in mind. They can really help you soften the suspension system. You can also opt for adjustable shocks to get more desired results.

Modify The Chassis

The components that make a connection with the tires can also affect your driving smoothness and steering ability. If these components are hard, it means your truck lacks the flexibility necessary to soften out the sudden lopsidedness caused by dips and other irregularities along the way.

There’re several modifications you can do to your chassis to ensure smoother rides. You should use lightweight brake parts and suspension components instead of heavier ones.  

Replace Leaf Springs

As already discussed above, a new set of leaf springs can go a long way toward adding comfort to your truck rides. You should also consider replacing coil springs to see desired results.

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