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Big Rig Truck A/C Repair

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If you’ve ever driven through the central valley, and especially through Bakersfield, you know how hot it can get here. All of a sudden you notice that your truck engine begins to heat-up faster than usual. The working AC system is not providing the required support to lower the temperature of your truck engine. At this point, it is…

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How To Prevent Truck Axle Destruction

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Have you ever considered the negative impact of a completely damaged axle? Your truck and your business can come to a stand-still as a result of not paying attention to a faulty axle that requires routine maintenance. So it is important to get an axle in good working condition before it is badly damaged and lead to poor business…

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Air Compressors: A Brief History

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Air compressors have been around for literally thousands of years. Now granted the devices the ancients used for compressing air bear little resemblance to the modern air compressor. However, the basic principle is the same and without the primitive air compressors, civilization would not have evolved as fast it has. One of the primary uses for compressed air was…

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