Big Rig Truck A/C Repair

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If you’ve ever driven through the central valley, and especially through Bakersfield, you know how hot it can get here.

All of a sudden you notice that your truck engine begins to heat-up faster than usual. The working AC system is not providing the required support to lower the temperature of your truck engine.

At this point, it is obvious that your truck needs to be taken to a professional A/C system repair company, but you still try to figure out other ways you can help to improve the performance of the A/C system pending when you get a professional attention, which is a nice option to consider.

Therefore, it is important to have some knowledge of the regular challenges faced by truck A/C’s and the step you need to take to mitigate damage to your A/C.

Some of the major challenges faced by big truck A/C’s include:


Freon is an invaluable tool for an A/C system because it helps to keep your truck cool, but when the quantity of Freon available in an A/C system begins to get low, then you need to obtain a new Freon and most likely get it fixed by contacting a professional. U

sing a professional service company to handle Freon replacement needs will ensure that the right temperature setting is utilized, and our company is great at choosing the right setting for your truck.


To ascertain if the right amount of refrigerant is flowing through an A/C system, you need a high-pressure switch.

The regulation of the refrigerant ensures that an adequate supply of the refrigerant is supplied when your truck has a high temperature and needs to be cool.

But if the high-pressure switch is broken, your truck will not be able to cool properly, which will make you feel uncomfortable as a result of the high temperature.


The daily route used by your truck could affect the level of dirt that gets into your A/C system. If you ply a route that is free from roadside dirt and contaminated air, then it is easy to stay for years without any need for A/C system flushing or cleaning.

But since it is possible to find yourself in an environment where dirt can penetrate your A/C system, it calls for regular cleaning to wipe out the growth of mold that may have clogged some of the A/C components. More so, the growth of mold can be observed when your A/C system gives an unpleasant smell.


The compressor of your truck requires priority maintenance to keep your A/C system in good working condition.

For an individual that is unfamiliar with a compressor, the voltage reading for the compressor may be neglected, but to get the right compressor output, the compressor needs to be checked regularly with a voltmeter to ensure that the right amount of voltage is fed.

If the process is a bit technical for you, then you need to contact a professional service company just like ours in order to verify the right supply of voltage to your A/C compressor.

More so, a compressor also requires a routine physical inspection to ensure that its components have no leaky seal or damaged part.


It is possible to experience a situation whereby the A/C system of your truck is working and making the right type of sound that is associated with a functional A/C system, but you discover that little air is released from the air vents of your A/C system.

The easy fix for this kind of challenge is to purchase a new blower motor for your A/C system, and the price range varies according to the type and model of the truck involved.

Once you have a new blower motor that can be purchased from our store, you can do a simple research online on coupling your blower motor, or get in touch with us so that an expert from our company can perfectly get the task done without delay.


There are simple procedures that can be performed before visiting a professional A/C repair service, and part of the actions that can be performed include the ability to observe changes in the sound of your A/C, the ability to detect unpleasant smell as well as the ability to notice any wire that is sticking out of your A/C unit.

The importance of physical inspection for an A/C system cannot be ignored. Physical inspection helps you ensure that all the lines that make up the A/C system is in order and without any form of challenge. 


If the refrigerant attached to your A/C system leaks as a result of some bruises on the body of the refrigerant, your A/C system will begin to underperform.

To identify leaky spots on your A/C components and hoses, you need to spray soapy water on the hoses and clear all dirt from the hoses so that you can easily identify any leaky spot.


The A/C filter you have needs to be cleaned regularly to make it dirt free and prevent any obstruction to the free flow of air in your A/C unit.

More so, if you choose to service your A/C system or perform minor repairs on your A/C unit, you need to disconnect power sources.


There are different factors that may be responsible for the breakdown of your truck’s A/C system, and having an understanding of the major challenges will position you for quick response to any A/C challenge.

Once you observe a change with your A/C system and it is obvious that you need a professional service company to get the job done, you can feel free to contact us and we will get your A/C system fixed