Best Air Systems and Brake Maintenance Advice

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During the commercial vehicle Safety Alliance’s unannounced Brake Safety Day in April, almost 1600 vehicles were put out of service brake violation. 52 Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions conducted 11,531 roadside inspections on commercial motor vehicles on April 25, and it was recorded that about 13.8% the investigations ended in an out-of-service violation.

This result is almost the same as the Brake Safety Day event held in September of last year. Weeks later law brake safety experts and law enforcement officials were on hand at the CVSA Brake Safety Conference in Schaumburg, Illinois, offering best air system and brake maintenance advice to help drivers make sure their truck and vehicle are ready to pass muster if it is selected for inspection.

By the meeting, research work and truck repair Bakersfield ca here are new best air systems and brake maintenance advice.

Air Systems – Routine Maintenance Advice

To get detailed information on your specific unit – please refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines. For successful maintenance of the air system, this depends on the repair at regular intervals and systematic inspection.

The length of these intervals depends upon the truck operation and mileage. All inspections, adjustments, minor repairs, and maintenance that can be performed by the truck driver are listed below.

These procedures must include the replacement of all damaged and worn parts.

Reservoir Tank

In air system maintenance, the first requirement is clean air at the proper pressure. The truck driver must open the cock on the underside of the reservoir to give room for all the moisture to escape.

In cold weather to forestall obstruction and freezing of lines and valves, all of the tanks must be drained. This will ensure removal of condensation. When you are done removing moisture, close the drain, and inspect reservoirs for damage or looseness.

Always ensure all the brake lines are properly supported and connections are tight.

80-psi air pressure is the minimum pressure that the air reservoir must have to open the brake protection valve. You may experience 5-10 seconds delay before the height control valve will allow air to flow in and out from the air springs


To make sure there is no leakage in the gladhands coat the gladhands and mount with soap suds. Do not saturate the gladhands seals with oil, grease or other foreign material.

There should be an annual replacement of gladhands seals.

Brake Tubing, Lines, Fittings & Hoses

Replace the brake line immediately you sight any cracks, loose connections, chafing, breaks, bruises, and cuts. It is advisable to visit a truck repair when you want to carry out any welding or working around nylon tubing.

If you are going to do this yourself, you must exercise extreme caution or remove before welding operations and reinstalled after welding is completed or shield if from welding sparks and heat damage.

Service and Spring Brake Chambers

Visually inspect all mounting nuts for tightness and air chamber clamp bands. Mounting nuts for torque chamber is 75 to 100 ft. Always check them the halls for dents and sign of leaks.

CAUTION: Repairing of spring break is a complex task and dangerous, so it is advisable that it should be carried out by an experienced mechanic or you get the special tools and information if you want to do it yourself.

We can help you with any type of truck repair in Bakersfield ca that you need.

Here are some of the other things to pay attention to:

  • Air Valves: All excessive leakage in the air valves. You can replace the air valve with new or rebuilt valves when necessary. Myers diesel Truck Repair will replace pipes at our facility.
  • Brake Lining: The thickness of the brake lining must be inspected and do not hesitate to replace if coated with oil, grease or foreign material or replace if excessively worn.
  • Brake Drums:  Remove all dirt, mud or rush on the drums. Change any cracked or broken drums once you notice it.
  • Self-Adjusting Slack Adjuster: Slack adjuster functional operation can be performed on the vehicle by adjusting block wheels to prevent them from a truck from rolling. The pushrod must be fully retracted so always check that.

To create excessive clearance condition, manually de-adjust brakes. Before you release the brake, make the full-service application, and allow sufficient time for a break to retract fully.

During the brake release, observe the rotation of the adjustment hex. This rotation indicates that the slack adjuster has determined an excessive clearance condition, and it is adjusting to compensate.

NOTE: For proper push-rod stroke and complete details on maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting of this component, refer to the slack adjuster manufacturer’s literature.

Truck Maintenance In Bakersfield CA

There are several thing to keep in mind when it comes to truck repair maintenance.

During reline, you need to inspect the de-adjustment torque. To figure out if you should replace the adjuster, place a torque wrench on the 7/16″ adjusting hex. The torque wrench should be placed counterclockwise then inspect if the clutch slips at a torque less than 13 Ft-Lbs. If it slips at a lesser torque that indicates you need to change the adjuster.

When it comes to lubrication, lubricate the self-adjusting slack adjuster with lubrication prescribed for vehicle chassis. The interval for the lubrication should not exceed three months or 5,000 miles. You can use any grease but stay away from moly disulfide loaded grease.

Diesel Truck Brake Maintenance in Bakersfield CA

When you are focusing on diesel truck brake maintenance, there are several things you need to keep in mind. 

Check Brake Linings and Hoses

Brake linings can go through robust use. They are mostly the first part of the brake that does need replacement. Linings must not be soaked with grade or oil, or it should loose.

Once you notice the thin below ¼, that indicates that you need the replace the linings. Also, take note of the air hoses connected to check if any wear issues are occurring or to ensure proper attachment.

Replace Brake Shoes Consistently

When parts are wearing down, there is always a replacement indicator in most diesel trucks. It is advisable to replace all the necessary brake parts at once when you schedule your maintenance at Myers Diesel Truck Repair.

If you decide to return brake shoes, you should also consider replacing other integrated parts like brake drums.

Inspect Truck Wheels and Brake Chambers

To assure proper and safe brake wheels your truck needs to be inspected at regular intervals. When you are checking, examine all areas that are frequently exposed, clean the wheels and look for corrosion, cracks, wear, or other damage.

Do not forget to check the inner dual wheel when the outer wheel is removed. Inspect the air chambers to ensure they are not hanging loose damaged or have broken pushrods. The primary cause of all spring brake failures is compression spring fracture.

In other words, to keep right brake balance on the axle, you should always change replace chambers in pairs. Do not mix and match standard rooms and long stroke and check the torque on mounting bolts.

Know When to Replace Bearings

The critical component of brake maintenance is bearing maintenance. To save your truck or trailer from unnecessary downtime and costly emergency roadside repairs, you need to keep an eye on your taking.

Any time you notice any of this damage below that means may have already begun:

  • Abnormal or uneven tire wear
  • Wheel seal leakage
  • Wheel vibration, wobble, or noise
  • Increased stopping distance or decreased braking power
  • Abnormal side pull when brakes are applied
  • Wheel lock-up or skidding

If your truck is having any of the issues listed above, you can take it to get repaired in Bakersfield at Myers Diesel Repair.

Maintain Correct Air Pressure Levels

Correct air pressure ensures proper brake use. The best way to know if you need to check your brakes or your gauge is if your truck’s gauge is running under 60 psi before you start driving.

 Once your pressure is below 100 psi – 125 psi this means your brakes need to be serviced. Grease slack adjusters and S Cams Proper lubrication helps the lifespan of your slack adjusters and scams and ensures brakes don’t seize or lead to brake failures.

It also helps to keep brakes in alignment and supports both automatic, or manual slack adjusted brakes.

Inspect Anti-Lock Braking System

Not all anti-lock braking systems require routine maintenance, but you need to check it periodically like other of the air brake system.

Below is some major problem that triggers ABS malfunctions include:

  • Abraded or cut wires in convoluted tubing near frame clamps
  • Corroded or cut wires near sharp frame-mounted and modulators
  • Wire jacket is worn through from modulator wires and overlapping sensor
  • Corroded connections and connectors damaged seals or not properly sealed
  • Connectors not wholly sealed to mating assemblies or damaged connector latches
  • Incomplete terminals or seated into connectors
  • Excessive wheel bearing endplay or extreme sensor air gap, sensor clip tension
  • Worn chipped or damaged sensor or modulator
  • Non-functioning controller (ECU)

Monitor Diesel Truck Air Dryers

Every month it is paramount to try your best in protecting your truck’s air system from contamination. Once the air dryers are contained, you jeopardize the efficient truck operation.

Check the moisture in the air brake system monthly and change the air dryer cartridge if needed.


Now you have gotten the best fresh Air Systems and Brake Maintenance Advice; it should help to keep your truck in a good state and avoid unknown break down when you’re driving through Bakersfield.  But if you happen to get into trouble, give us a call at Myers Diesel Repair as we are the specialists when it comes to truck repair in Bakersfield CA.