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Fleet Manager’s Tip: Torque Your U-Bolts

U-Bolt bender bakersfield

Greater care is required when replacing loose or broken U-bolts. These things clamp the axle to the suspension and are therefore subject to huge stresses. The fasteners need to be torqued properly. Never reuse a U-bolt or the nut. Once they have been properly torqued, they stretch and can’t be retorqued properly again. Truck Repair Technology The technology and…

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Myers Diesel Filter Tour

bakersfield ca truck repair

Myers Diesel Repair in Bakersfield carries every type of filter you could imagine. Take a look at some of what we have in this video below. Upstairs is where we keep all of our filters.  Donaldson direct, and Luber Finer direct.  Luber Finer is exclusive with Cummins engines. We carry an even amount of both of them.  We can…

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America’s Love Affair With The PickUp Truck

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Baseball, apple pie, and pickup trucks – three symbols of the down-home American heartland. Americans tend to love all things American and the pickup truck is no exception. The very first pickup truck debuted, thanks to Henry Ford, in 1925. Although a bit lengthy for today’s marketing standards, Ford described it as a “Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup…

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Air Compressors: A Brief History

bakersfield truck repair

Air compressors have been around for literally thousands of years. Now granted the devices the ancients used for compressing air bear little resemblance to the modern air compressor. However, the basic principle is the same and without the primitive air compressors, civilization would not have evolved as fast it has. One of the primary uses for compressed air was…

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